January 28, 2019

DAMON BAHR is an associate professor of teacher education and a part-time religion teacher at Brigham Young University. He has also taught Institute classes and is a presenter on Kirtland Church history at the annual BYU Education Week. He has extensive knowledge of early church history sites (Sharon, VT; Palmyra & Fayette, NY; Harmony, PA; Kirtland & Hiram, OH; Independence, Liberty, & Far West, MO; Nauvoo, IL) and enlivens scriptural discussions through embedding those discussions in their historical contexts. He has been an assistant Kirtland Historic Sites tour guide, served a senior full-time mission in Kirtland, and published a Church history chronology. He will soon be submitting a book entitled The Voice of the Lord is Unto all Men: A Remarkable Year of Revelations in the Johnson Home for publication. He has served two full-time missions, as a member of two MTC Branch Presidencies, Stake President, and as Bishop. He has been married to Kim Bartholomew for 41 years, has 4 children, and 16 grandchildren.

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