May 22, 2018
HEADLINERS:Kathy Headlee Miner

Kathy Headlee Miner, wife to Phillip Miner, is the mother of 5 children, stepmother to 2 sons; and grandmother of 10. She has involved her family in service adventures at home and around the world since 1980; including projects in Taiwan, Romania, Mexico, Haiti, Bolivia, India, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Indonesia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

She is the founder of Mothers Without Borders, (1992) whose mission is to:
• Nurture and care for orphaned and vulnerable children
• Strengthen families and communities caring for orphans
• Empower women in developing countries
• Provide life changing experiences for volunteers through service and cultural exchange

Kathy’s professional pursuits include CEO of Mothers Without Borders, Motivational Speaker and Transformation Life Coaching Services for individuals and businesses throughout the US and Africa. In addition, Kathy has provided volunteer experiences for more than 950 men, women and children to countries around the world since 1992. These experiences are designed for individuals looking to better understand our diverse, and rapidly changing world, and discover the vital role each of us can play in making the world a better place.

Kathy has been teaching at BYU Education Week since 2004, and serves as a Primary Teacher in the Edgemont 4th Ward, and a Young Women’s teacher in the Lusaka Zambia Ward.