May 22, 2018

Hank Smith grew up in St. George, Utah. He served a mission to California, has an MBA from Utah State University, and a PhD from Brigham Young University where he is now an instructor in the Religion Department. Brother Smith, his wife Sara, and their 5 children, live in Mapleton, Utah. Brother Smith says, “Sara is incredible, she knows everything about me and still loves me.”

Brother Smith enjoys running marathons and eating lots of ice cream, which is why he runs marathons. Brother Smith has spoken throughout the country in school assemblies, business seminars, and with programs such as The Best of Especially for Youth and Time Out for Women. Brother Smith has published 12 “Talks on CD”, 3 books, and a DVD with Deseret Book and Seagull Book. Please do not drive while listening to Brother Smith’s CDs. Studies show that sleeping while driving has a tendency to irritate other drivers. Listen and drive at your own risk!