Questions to Ask Before Offshore Excursions

April 1, 2017

If you and your family are looking into your next affordable LDS vacation, look no further than the cruise programs at Cruise Lady. Our programs reach destinations all over the world, with expert staff and programs designed to maximize your experience.

One of the most important areas where you’ll need to utilize our staff on your LDS cruise? Offshore excursions. Our escorts are here to make your shore experience as engaging as possible, while also keeping you safe and within the program. Here are some major topics you’ll want to discuss with your escort in advance of offshore departures.


The first big area to consider for your offshore trip is the transportation needed. Can you walk to your destinations, or will you need to arrange for additional transportation? You’ll have to organize any costs here, plus any specific directional issues – these can be challenging in certain countries or cities. Speak to your guide about all these details and any others you may need to know, such as closing times for bus services or high local rates for taxis.

Physical Challenges

Certain offshore excursions are specifically planned out, such as hikes or climbs. If you’re looking into one of these, make sure you inquire about any physical challenges involved, and make sure you’re up for them – the last thing you want is to get stuck in a place where you can’t continue and have to separate from the group.

Meals and Money Requirements

Lay out how long you’ll be off the ship, and any basic requirements you’ll need for this time. If you’ll be eating multiple meals ashore make sure you have the proper funds with you. The same is true for any other events or areas you intend to visit.

Weather and Clothing

Speak to your captain or the relevant guides about any potential inclement weather in your upcoming destinations, and wear the appropriate clothing. There’s a chance you may not have an opportunity to return to the ship once you disembark to a specific location, so give this careful consideration in advance.

To learn more about the right offshore excursion questions to ask, or for more information on any of our LDS cruise programs, speak to the friendly booking agents at Cruise Lady today.

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