Tips for Couples to Maximize the Cruise Experience

March 1, 2017

What’s the only thing better than an affordable LDS vacation booked through Cruise Lady? The same trip, only taken alongside your significant other.

Our LDS cruises are perfectly suited as the ideal couples getaway. Whether it’s a honeymoon, anniversary or just a chance to see some of the world, we have the perfect trip package for you. Here are a few things we tend to recommend to couples as they plan out their next cruise adventure.


Setting a few routines immediately upon boarding the ship is a good way to get grounded. Set up a regular routine in your cabin, which may be smaller than hotel rooms you’re used to – arrange any needed details in advance. Throughout the trip, practice leaving notes for each other when you go to different parts of the ship, as a way to stay in touch. Some couples even bring a pair of walkie-talkies if the ship is large enough.

Branch Out

You’re on the cruise to spend quality time with your loved one, yes, but there’s plenty of time to do this while also branching out and making some new connections. Instead of asking for a table for two when you eat dinner on the ship, ask to be seated in a group-seating area – you never know who you might meet. If you become friendly with other cruise-goers, maybe invite them to join you for a shore excursion. Many people meet lifelong friends through the experience they share on a cruise adventure.

Listen Up

This isn’t like an airplane, where most announcements over the loudspeaker are just rote directives you’ve heard a hundred times before. No, announcements from the bridge on your cruise are things you’ll want to listen to – they may contain useful information about course headings, temperatures or weather conditions at your next stop. They could also contain vital information for fun events like scuba diving or jet skiing. When you hear the microphone get going, take a second to stop and listen.

Know the Layout

If there’s a tour of the ship available soon after boarding, don’t miss it. Our cruise ships contain numerous fun nuggets spread throughout, and many people go the entire trip without exploring the entire facility. Don’t sell your trip short by leaving these stones unturned.

Want to learn more about couples’ cruises, or interested in more information on any of our LDS vacation programs? The agents at Cruise Lady are standing by to assist you.

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