Tips for First-Time Cruisers

January 16, 2017

At Cruise Lady, we’re your first stop for planning the perfect LDS vacation. Our cruises dock all over the world, with LDS travel packages designed for you and your family.

We’re especially perfect for first-time cruisers. Our staff is trained to help you get your bearings, both literally and figuratively, and we’ll show you just how amazing one of our cruise programs can be. Let’s go over a few basic tips for first-timers to get you prepared for your first cruise.

Research Ports

You’ll know the locations you’re hitting on the cruise well in advance, and it’s best to do some advanced planning. It’s great to leave a little flexibility for whatever may come, of course, but a basic knowledge of some geography and a few areas you’re interested in visiting can be a great help.

Keep track of how long you’ll be in a given destination, and make sure each member of your family or party has a map and knows how to get back to the ship. Read as much as you can before the cruise starts, and you’ll be ready to go at each individual stop.

Smart Packing

Climates can change around the world, and you’re better safe than sorry. Research the climates you’ll be entering, and pack for their potential extremes on both ends of the spectrum. Our cruises offer plenty of storage space, so while you shouldn’t go too crazy, don’t worry a ton about packing too much unless it affects your ability to carry smaller packs during destination stops.

Stay Active

Your time on the cruise itself will offer plenty of leisure time, plus lots of fantastic food. It’s easy to get caught up in a cycle here, then notice you’ve suddenly packed on a few pounds when you get back home.

Try to plan out a bit of exercise for you and your family each day if possible. The vast majority of our cruises come with built-in exercise options aboard the ship, so just ask staff what your options are.

Ship Layout

It may sound silly, but many of these ships are huge. Some people struggle navigating them, especially with small children in tow. A little advanced research here will allow you to know where everything is, and eliminate any hassle once you get on the boat.

Want to learn more about planning, or research packages for LDS tours? Speak to one of our friendly booking agents today.

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