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  • Starting at $2,484.00

    Inspiring Full-Transit Panama Canal

    With Susan Easton Black, Ph.D.

    Sail with Susan Easton Black & George Durrant and hear inspiring and humorous lectures on sea days. Join Cruise Lady on our optional private tours to make the most of your cruise experience. See an ancient monastery and explore…

  • Starting at $2,148.00

    Journey to Sacred Church History Sites

    With George Durrant, Ed.D., Susan Easton Black, Ph.D.

    Join Susan Easton Black & George Durrant on this spiritual journey to the sites of the Restoration as we visit Palmyra, Fayette, Susquehanna, Kirtland, Independence, Liberty Jail, Adam-ondi-Ahman, Nauvoo, Carthage Jail, and so much more! Hear the stories and…