Advanced Planning for Cruises, Part 2

August 6, 2018

In part one of this two-part blog, we went over some of the early packing and preparation stages we recommend when preparing for one of our family LDS vacation cruises. At Cruise Lady, we’re here to make sure you and your family are prepared for every element of this important process.

Today, we’ll discuss a few of the preparation elements you need to consider as your affordable LDS vacation gets a bit closer. Let’s dive right in.
1 Month Prior to Cruise

Ensure all important dates or deadlines are met and written down.
Begin writing out a list of important packing areas, including all the important items you can’t forget.
Verify you have all travel documentation and IDs, including passports if needed.
Check your booking online just to confirm that everything is in order and nothing unexpected has changed.

When to Begin Packing

There’s no singular set time to begin packing, as this all depends on how you organize things. If you have items you won’t be using at home before the cruise, you can often begin accumulating these in a special designated area so they’re already in place. Roughly a week before the actual cruise, or maybe a bit longer, get your suitcases out and begin planning out your space. Finally, a few days beforehand, begin the actual packing process.
Days Ahead of Cruise

Finalize all packing areas and check, once again, to confirm you have all travel documentation you’ll need.
Arrange to have a neighbor or friend come by to collect your mail, or call and have your mail stopped if you don’t have anyone to do this.
Remember important items like batteries and chargers for all items that need them.

Day of Cruise

The morning of the cruise (or your flight to the cruise start destination), a few things to remember before you leave home:

Turn off all appliances in the home and hide all valuables securely.
Lock all doors and turn on your alarm if you have one.
Take all luggage and documentation – do a second check to ensure nothing is left behind.
Unplug electronics from their plugs in case a power surge takes place during your cruise.

For more on how to prepare for a cruise, or to learn about our cruises to Israel and other packages, speak to the staff at Cruise Lady today.

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