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Alaska as a Top Cruise Destination: Exploration and Culture

September 14, 2021

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the many reasons why Alaska is roundly considered one of the top cruise and vacation destinations on the planet. Combining incredible scenery and wildlife with some of the most peaceful and serene environments you’ll find in our world, it’s no surprise Alaska is one of the single most common cruise destinations out there.

At Cruise Lady: Latter-day Adventures, Alaska cruises are just one of numerous destination options we offer to our clients looking to experience a fantastic cruise with other members of the Church. What are some of the other reasons Alaska is such a popular cruise location? Here are several.

Exploration Options

No matter where you’re at in Alaska, there’s always something to explore. From the towering mountain ranges that separate the state into distinct regions to its many inland lakes and rivers, Alaska features plenty of amazing opportunities for exploration on foot, by boat, and by plane.

During shore excursions on your Alaskan cruise, you’ll get to experience a variety of activities, including visits to the nearby cities of Ketchikan and Juneau (known for their wildlife tours), sightseeing excursions featuring glaciers and towering waterfalls, or even fishing trips on the Kenai River.

Unique Towns and Culture

Alaska is also home to one of the most unique cultural mixes of anywhere you could travel. With the majority of Alaska’s towns and cities built atop or near Native American land, you’ll find a variety of incredible cultural attractions and historic sites dedicated to those who called the area home for centuries before Westerners ever arrived.

For many, the opportunity to learn about Native culture is a highlight of any Alaska cruise. You can also find plenty of opportunities to learn about the unique communities who settled in the area during the gold rush era, affording visitors a chance to explore differing European traditions in addition to Native ones.

National Parks and Other Attractions

For those who enjoy exploring the outdoors, Alaska offers a staggering number of opportunities. While most people tend to focus on the Kenai Fjords and Glacier Bay National Parks (both UNESCO World Heritage Sites), there are dozens of parks and public lands located throughout Alaska that offer incredible opportunities for hiking, kayaking, fishing, boating, and so much more.

No matter what your interests are, Alaska has plenty of amazing attractions to explore. Even those who don’t like the outdoors will find something to enjoy in the state; with museums, art galleries, and other cultural options, there’s truly something for everyone.

For more on why Alaska is such a popular cruise destination, or to learn about any of our Alaska cruises or other trips with members of the Church, speak to the staff at Cruise Lady: Latter-day Adventures today.

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