Basics on Muster Station Safety Drill

March 2, 2018

On any Cruise Lady cruise experience, safety is the absolute top priority. We want you to feel 100 percent comfortable taking your family on a fun, exciting Latter-day Adventure, and this can only happen if safety is highly considered.

A big part of this is the muster station drill, a mandatory test on most cruise ships that takes place the day you board the ship – before it leaves port, in most cases. Let’s go over the basics of a muster station drill, and what to expect.

Initial Announcements

After boarding the ship, you’ll likely hear announcements for the muster station drill within an hour or two. These will include what guests need to do, and when they need to do it. Pay attention to what time the drill is, which station you’re assigned to, and whether or not you need to bring a life jacket.

Typical Assignments

In general, muster stations are assigned based on the location of your cabin. If you have a cabin near the front of the ship, your muster station will likely be in the same area. To find out where yours is, you can often look at your shipboard card, view the back of your cabin door, or ask a staff member.

Steps to Take

When the announcement is made to go to your muster station, depart immediately. Bring your life jacket if required. As you walk from your cabin to the muster station, try to familiarize yourself with the route you took there and locate any alternate routes in case they’re needed. Not all cruise ships have enough seats for everyone at each muster station – the earlier you leave, the better your chances of getting a seat.

During and After the Drill

During the drill, expect to hear an emergency alarm and announcements from the ship’s captain. There will usually be a demonstration of how to put on life jackets, and an introduction to various safety features.

When the drill is over, you’ll hear an announcement and you’ll be dismissed. Certain details here might vary by ship, but the common goal is always to prepare you for the rare case where an emergency takes place.

For more on muster station drills, or to learn about an affordable Mormon cruise, speak to the staff at Cruise Lady today.

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