Bothersome Behaviors to Avoid on Cruises

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Bothersome Behaviors to Avoid on Cruises

bothersome behaviors avoid cruises

We’ve all heard of the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated. This general theme should extend across virtually all areas of our lives, and that includes when we’re on a family LDS vacation like a trip through Cruise Lady.

In general, following this rule while on a cruise is simple enough. Passengers have to recognize that they aren’t alone on this trip, and that their shipmates include a diverse array of people who may have different needs or interests. While most of this is just common sense, here are a few particularly bothersome behaviors that you, your children and anyone else in your party should avoid on your next cruise.

Cutting Lines

There might be times on a cruise where you’re in a hurry, hoping to sneak in a quick bite or grab a quick item before a port of call disembarking or some other event. Here’s the thing, though: You almost certainly aren’t the only person rushing for this same reason, and your needs aren’t more important than anyone else’s.

Is it technically against the rules to cut in line? No, but it’s terrible etiquette and a great way to sour a cruise experience. No one wants a conflict during a fun experience like a cruise, so simply be courteous and wait your turn in line. If you’re concerned about meeting deadlines or having enough time, do a better job of advanced planning.


There’s naturally going to be some wasted food and other items on a cruise, but you don’t have to be contributing excessively to this. Only take what you need when it comes to food and supplies, and remember that there isn’t a shortage if you need more – there’s no need to overload for fear of running out.


Down similar lines but expanded into several areas beyond food or drink, one of the most common intra-passenger issues on cruises is people who hoard limited items. Maybe we’re talking about deck chairs near the pool, or perhaps it’s people who take far too many of a free amenity and leave others without.

Once again, this comes back to treating others how you’d like to be treated. How would you feel if you were at the pool and couldn’t find a place to sit because a group nearby was hogging all the chairs just to dry their towels on? Not very good, so don’t do this kind of thing to others.

Elevator Decorum

This one is aimed mostly at any youngsters in your party – if there’s an elevator on board your ship, they need to know that this is not a plaything. Getting in the elevator and mashing all the buttons as a prank might seem funny, but it will really just inconvenience other guests for no good reason. Remind your children about this in advance if there’s an elevator on board.

For more on bothersome behaviors to avoid, or to learn more about any of our LDS cruises, speak to the staff at Cruise Lady today.