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Choosing Cruise Cabin: Size, Amenities and Cost

February 22, 2021

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the important initial facts and factors to be aware of when it comes to choosing your cruise ship cabin. There are several varieties of cruise cabin (or stateroom) available, from smaller types up to expansive suites with numerous amenities, and which you choose will depend on a number of factors.

At Cruise Lady: Latter-day Adventures, we’re proud to offer a wide range of cruise cabin options and amenities for any of our trips with other members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, whether you’re taking one of our cruises around the British Isles, Hawaii, South America or any of our other numerous locations. Here are some additional details to be sure you consider while choosing cabin size and other amenities for your trip.

Cabin Size

While we went over the four standard cabin size designations in part one of our series, modern cruise ships will often have several variations on these that are available to customers. These range from smaller inside cabin options like the ones we went over all the way up to expansive suites, or even duplexes and lofts in some cases.

Here are a few specific factors to think about when choosing size:

  • Layout: One variable that may change significantly between ships is the specific layout of rooms. Some lines have larger cabins while others come smaller, plus with different setups. Do your research here in advance.
  • Family accommodations: These are suite types that have separate areas for kids, designed ideally for families on cruises.


There are also numerous amenities that may come with the cabin you select. These can range from concierge and butler service for the most high-paying guests to more standard amenities like spa features, access to exclusive areas and more. And finally, even standard rooms will come with basic services like steward cleaning, sheet turn-down and simple areas like this.

Cost Factors

And of course, every factor you’ve evaluated leading up to this point sits within the shadow of overall cost, which will typically be one of the single most important factors for any cruiser. Naturally, larger cabins with more amenities and perks will be more expensive – though there are ways to improve your situation here on a limited budget, such as looking for upgrades, price fluctuations or other opportunities.

For more on how to select the ideal cruise ship cabin, or to learn about any of our cruise trips or land tours, speak to the staff at Cruise Lady: Latter-day Adventures today.

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