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Cruise Dining Options: Food Included and Eating Locations

October 12, 2021

There are several important planning elements to be considering when laying out your upcoming cruise adventure, and what (and when) you’ll be eating during the trip is among these. While cruise ships will all differ somewhat in terms of the food and beverage options they offer, there are some standard templates in terms of the way things work here, and being prepared in this area will help you avoid hassle and delays.

At Cruise Lady: Latter-day Adventures, we’re proud to offer cruises with other members of the Church to some of the world’s top destinations, from the British Isles to Asia, South America, Alaska and numerous others. While your specific cruise ship will give you more detailed information on your food and drink options when you book, this multi-part blog series will go over a basic primer on what to expect for cruise ship dining, where you can eat, and some other important variables to be aware of.

Food That’s Included

On nearly 100% of all cruise ships today, basic meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the base price of your ticket. This means that no matter where you eat on the ship, if it’s part of its food service then you won’t be charged (beyond perhaps a service charge automatically added to any bar or beverage purchase).

Now, there are some cruise lines who may restrict free eating on the ship to “sea days,” or those days when the ship is out on open water the entire day, the times when you are most likely to do a lot of your eating. This can be an important consideration for those who want to take advantage of all food options available, as every cruise line has their own policy on this generally-included perk, so it’s something you’ll want to be aware of when booking your cruise.

Eating Locations

Dining options will obviously vary between each specific cruise ship, but most ships offer multiple options to choose from, often with a main dining room or hall which serves as the central hub for all mealtime activity. This is generally the least-formal of all your food options, and it’s where you’ll find servers who are getting paid to do their job.

While some cruises will offer “freestyle” dining, generally the more upscale the cruise line and ship, you’ll find that traditional dining is still the way most people go. This means a more typical restaurant experience in many cases, or it could also include a variety of specialty restaurants that might be present on a specific cruise. The larger your ship, the better chances there will be multiple restaurant options available.

For more on food variety and dining options on your cruise, or to learn about any of our cruises or land tours with other members of the Church, speak to the staff at Cruise Lady: Latter-day Adventures today.

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