Cruise Ship Pool Usage and Safety Tips

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Cruise Ship Pool Usage and Safety Tips

cruise pool usage safety

If you’ve already booked or are considering a beautiful LDS vacation from Cruise Lady, you have a lot of factors to think about. Everything from packing to expenses needs to be considered, and particularly if you’re bringing children, there are a lot of areas to keep track of.

One such area that many of our clients forget about is the pool. Many of our ships have on-board pools, and these are often central areas for many of the ship-goers to congregate in. Let’s go over a few basic tips on behavior in and around the pool while on a cruise.

Use At Your Own Risk

Most cruise ship pools are considered use at your own risk, which mean they don’t generally have a lifeguard or a crew member watching the pool during swimming hours. This means you assume all risk for you and your family when using the pool.

If you’re cruising with children, this is important to remember. Small children should not use the pool without supervision, and many should have a parent in the water with them. In addition, even if you’re just using the pool on your own, remember that you’re responsible for your own safety and behavior.


In good weather and tropical destinations, remember that the pool area will often be busy. People want to get that great lounge chair by the pool, and spaces around the pool can fill up quickly. Plan to get there early if you want to post up by the pool all day, and know whether your ship allows seat saving.

Pool Depth

Before you or your children get in the pool, make sure everyone knows the depth. This should be posted somewhere near the pool. Never dive or jump into a pool on a cruise, as most cruise ship pools are not deep enough for this.


If someone, usually a child, has a bodily function accident in the pool, the procedure will vary by location. If the ship is at sea, the waste will be cleaned and the pool will be drained and closed until new water can be pumped in. In most ports of call or home ports, the pool can likely be refilled more quickly and replaced before the ship is back at sea.

For more tips on navigating the cruise ship pool, or to find out about any of our other LDS cruise options, speak to the booking agents at Cruise Lady today.