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Etiquette Tips for Cruise Ship Buffets

July 15, 2019

If you’ve been on a few cruises in your time, chances are you’re well aware of one popular staple present on many cruise ships: A buffet. Buffets are a great way to keep food options open for a wide variety of guests on the ship, part of the reason they’re so common on these kinds of trips.

At Cruise Lady, we’re happy to provide any details or information you require on buffets or any other food requirements on any of our family Latter-day adventures, from Panama cruises to Israel tours and many other options in between. Like several other areas of a cruise vacation, buffets come with a few points of etiquette that should be observed by all guests – if this is your first time attending a cruise, here are some general tips for buffets.

Sick People and Buffets

For starters, anyone who happens to become sick or develops major allergies during a cruise should be very careful about how they interact with the buffet – both the food and other people. For truly sick passengers, we recommend staying in your stateroom and asking someone else in your party or a staff member to deliver food, thus avoiding the risk of getting other passengers sick.

For those with minor conditions, such as allergy flare-ups, some common courtesy is expected. Never sneeze or cough into food, and always use your shirt sleeve to cover this sort of thing up. Try to keep hand sanitizer with you and apply it liberally, plus wash your hands both before and after eating.

Food Touching

Basic common sense states that you should never touch food yourself unless it’s already on your plate and you’re going to eat it, and this general rule applies to cruise buffets as well. If designated serving utensils are not present at the buffet, ask a staff member for assistance instead of just plunging your hands in there.

Proper Food Amounts

Another common sense area refers to how much food you take from the buffet. This is an element you should discuss with any younger children, who might be particularly enamored by all the options available and may go way overboard with how much food they take. Only take as much food as you can actually eat, limiting the waste caused by the cruise.

Cutting in Line

Finally, one more area that mostly just gets back to basic common courtesy is the theme of cutting in line. For obvious reasons, you should never blatantly cut other people for no reason – but there might be temporary exceptions, such as a quick cut-in just to get a fork or knife you forgot. In these cases, politely asking if you can squeeze in momentarily is usually no big deal. Just use your common sense and manners here, and others will do the same.

For more on etiquette tips for cruise ship buffets, or to learn about any of our Mormon travel package options, speak to the staff at Cruise Lady today.

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