Fun Tips for Enjoying Sea Days

August 1, 2017

When on a cruise, some people love sea days and others don’t prefer them. Some enjoy all the comforts and curiosities of the ship, while others prefer land destinations and all their interests.

At Cruise Lady, we have something for everyone. For those who prefer land-based destinations on their affordable LDS vacation, there are a number of things you can do on board during sea days to pass the time – including, of course, our series of expert lecturers. Let’s look at a few additional tips for activities you can take advantage of while on board.

Work Out

It’s important to remember that during sea days on a cruise, you won’t get the kind of normal movement your body is used to. Both to pass the time and to keep yourself in shape, various exercises can be beneficial during sea days – everything from a brisk walk around the ship to a specific weights program in the fitness center can help.

Learn Something

Both through our lecture series and through other outlets, sea days are a great chance to learn something you didn’t know before. If you’re going to a foreign nation with a different language than English, consider trying to learn the basics of this language on the ship. Many ships will have scavenger hunts and other similar activities, or barring this, you can even just spend time chatting with staff about their experiences.

Go to Camp

This one is for the kids, who might not find entertainment in the same ways as the adults. There tends to be plenty available on board to keep them going, though you may need to give them a subtle push here and there to find independent activities that they enjoy on board.

Peace and Quiet

Finally, find yourself a little tranquility during your down time. Rest in your cabin, or seek out some private space on the deck – remember, these are big vessels. Find your bliss, wherever that may be, and take advantage of it.

For more advice on enjoying sea days, or to find out more about our LDS vacations, speak to the booking experts at Cruise Lady today.

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