Handling Fog Issues On a Cruise

May 3, 2018

If you’re a regular cruiser, chances are you’ve run into the fog on a cruise before. Fog is a natural occurrence at many ports, and it can impact the ability of ships to enter ports – as well as the ability of passengers to enter and exit said ships.

At Cruise Lady, our professional LDS cruise staff are prepared anytime we run into fog issues. Let’s go over some basics on how to handle things in two distinct fog-related situations: When you’re stranded on the ship due to fog, and when you’re waiting to board the ship due to excess fog.

Stranded on Ship

  • Cell phones: If you’re considering using your cell phone during one of these periods, check first to make sure you’re close enough to land that you won’t be charged a roaming fee. If you’ve already worked this out with your cell phone company, you may be allowed to make these calls for no additional charge.
  • Meals: We generally keep our normal food rotations and buffet online if there’s a fog incident that keeps passengers on the ship. You may have to eat the same meal two days in a row, unfortunately.
  • Getting live information: Keep your ears free to listen for announcements over the loudspeaker, the most common way your captain will inform you of the situation with the fog. If you aren’t getting such information, contact Guest Services.

Waiting to Board

  • Alerts: If you’re waiting at your initial port to board, check for things like texts, emails or updates to the website for information.
  • Compensation: Whether you are compensated for any delays or distress will depend on the exact situation.
  • Itinerary: There’s a chance a delay in departure can change the itinerary, including potentially skipping ports of call or having times changed.
  • Contact: No matter what, make sure you have a line of contact open with your cruise line so you can find out about boarding times and any adjustments.

For more on handling fog-related issues on a cruise, or to learn about any of our LDS vacation packages, speak to the pros at Cruise Lady today.

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