Clay Neves

Clay Neves was blessed with a mother who expanded his mind from a very young age to the grand arc of the gospel, thus preventing any need for drugs or alcohol. His passion ever since has been gospel learning and sharing his unique perspective based on his life journey. He grew up in Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Boise before serving a mission in southern Japan and Okinawa. Clay has served in many leadership and teaching positions, and currently serves in the Oquirrh Mountain temple and as a ward missionary, both callings with his sweetheart, best friend, and wife of 31 years, JaNae Holt Neves. He has 3 adult children and a cat named Yoda. Though he would rather be making a living writing and performing his poetry, he is president of Personal Sales Dynamics, a small business consultancy firm, taking advantages of more than 35 years of sales management experience. He has spoken throughout the USA and Canada on business startup, growth, and development. As much as he loves small business, there is no topic he is more passionate about presenting than the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

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