Important Items to Remember on Your Trip

June 1, 2017

If you’re going on an LDS cruise or another affordable LDS vacation through Cruise Lady, chances are you’ve thought of most of the basics you’ll need while packing. Items like bathing suits and sunscreen, for instance, aren’t the kinds of things people often have to be reminded to bring along on the trip.

There are a few less obvious items, however, that do often get glossed over amid all the pre-trip planning. Let’s look at a few of the most common items here.

Power Converter

You never know where you’ll need to charge an item, whether it’s on the ship itself or on land where you might not be sure what kind of outlet is coming. Different areas of the world use different plugs and cords, so a power converter that makes sure you’re all set no matter what is a great idea. It also offers you more outlets, in case multiple items need power at once.

Vitamin C

When you’re moving from public place to public place, even all the best health precautions in the world might not keep you completely away from various possible contaminants. Stocking vitamin C, either in pill or powder form, allows you to supplement your immune system and prevent it from being compromised by some of these inevitable contaminants. If you get sick often, try mixing some vitamin C into your daily water intake.

Water Bottle

Speaking of water, don’t neglect it. You can buy bottle after bottle in many places, but not only will this get expensive in a hurry, there are also some places that may not accept your form of currency. Invest in a water bottle that you can fill from the ship whenever necessary.

Google Translate

Technology makes many things easier, and in the cruise world, translation is a huge part of this. There’s a good chance you’ll need to communicate outside your native language on a cruise, and this tool allows you to do it with little hassle.

Sleep Aid

If you have any regular issues whatsoever with getting to sleep, even minor ones, plan to bring a sleep aid like NyQuil or something similar. Moving from place to place can make sleep tough for some, but a lack of rest can be another cause of sickness.

To learn more about items you can’t afford to forget on your trip, or for more information about any of our cruise programs, speak to the friendly booking agents at Cruise Lady today.

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