Item Hacks for Experienced Cruisers

October 1, 2017

At Cruise Lady, our family LDS vacations are perfect for a wide variety of folks. Whether you’re a first-time cruiser or someone with dozens of cruises under their belts, we have something for you.

As one becomes more and more experienced with cruises over the years, they learn a few basic hacks to make the cruise experience that much more enjoyable. With that in mind, here are a few items for hardcore cruisers – anyone can benefit from these, of course, but they’re the kind of things more experienced folks are likely to think of.

Power and Charging Station

Gadgets are more and more common in today’s modern times, and experienced cruisers will know that outlets can be tough to come by at certain points on the cruise. To avoid these issues entirely, consider buying a combination power strip/phone charger, items regularly available in electronics stores. This will allow you to charge both your phone and multiple other items at one time from just a single power source. These items are not allowed on certain cruise lines, so inquire first.

Windproof Towel Holders

Everyone thinks about laying out under the beautiful ocean sun, but many forget how windy it can get up on the top decks of a cruise ship. To avoid this, bring some clips for your towels – you can attach these to deck chairs and forget about worrying about your towel flying away.

Magnet Hooks

Did you know that the walls that separate your room from the one next door on a cruise are made of metal? Take advantage of that by using magnetic hooks – a few of these on the wall, and all of a sudden you have a bathing suit hanger, a lanyard holder and a hat rack.

Lanyard and Key Card Holder

Anyone who has ever lost valuable cards or information will tell you that these items are absolutely vital. They protect your ID and other vital information as it hangs around your neck, and can be hung on a magnet hook in the room while you’re on the ship in between excursions.


Everyone remembers their phone and camera, but not everyone remembers that sometimes you’ll want magnification beyond pictures. From the numerous natural sights to the fun qualities of the ship itself, there’s always plenty to look at on a cruise.

For more on cruise hacks, or to find out more about our LDS cruise programs, speak to the booking agents at Cruise Lady today.

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