Items Not to Pack On a Cruise

July 1, 2017

Preparing for a cruise is an exciting time, and it’s many folks’ natural inclination to get a little too anxious and potentially over-pack. This is entirely understandable, and at Cruise Lady, our LDS cruises always have ample storage space available.

At the same time, there are a few types of items that we’d advise our guests against bringing on our tours for various reasons. Here are a few of these areas, plus the reasoning why we advise you to leave them behind.

Household Appliances

Appliances like irons or coffeemakers may seem like great amenities for your room, but they can pose major fire and safety risks. Many electrical items, including most that produce significant amounts of heat, are simply not allowed on board, and bringing them to your rendezvous point may require you to sacrifice possession of them. Also know that with most of our programs, these kinds of basic services are already available on board.

Weapons or Restraints

This may seem obvious for items like guns, but also pay attention to items like knives or utility tools. We’re in an age of heightened security, particularly for international trips, and you once again risk losing these items to confiscation if you bring them along. If you absolutely must bring an item like this and you’re unsure if it will be allowed, call ahead.

Multiple Books

Bringing a single book can be good for entertainment, but trying to pack in several can spoil your entire packing job. In today’s modern age, an E-reader is a preferable option, and many of our ships have on-board libraries.

Certain Toys

Any toys or leisure items that present the possibility of being launched off the ship are a bad idea, and may be confiscated if they’re found. These include things like kites, drones, remote control vehicles or other moving extras. If you need alternatives to entertain kids during down periods, consider handheld devices, board games or a couple decks of cards.

For more information on what to pack and not pack on our cruises, or to schedule an LDS vacation, speak to the booking agents at Cruise Lady today.

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