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Latest on Utah’s Travel Guidelines and the Cruise Industry

June 9, 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak hitting the globe has impacted numerous businesses heavily, and few as much as those in the cruise industry. At the same time, as many states (including Utah) do relatively well with their response to the outbreak and limitation of spread, there is light at the end of the tunnel, including for those looking at cruises.

At Cruise Lady: Latter-day Adventures, we’re proud to offer a variety of cruises and land tours for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to enjoy together, from Israel trips to Panama Canal cruises and many other destinations. We know many of our longtime clients or prospective new cruisers are eager for information regarding how both the state of Utah and the cruise industry is managing and rebounding – with that in mind, here’s an update on both these areas as of early June.

Utah’s Progress

As we noted above, the generally strong response to COVID-19 across the state of Utah has led to positive progress in health and economic recovery. As of late-May, the state updated its general statewide guidelines for the “Low Risk” phase, or the “yellow” risk level (both orange and red are more severe, with only green signaling less severe).

With regard to travel specifically, the state requests that the public reconsider all non-essential travel to areas with widespread community transmission of COVID-19. Because most of the state remains in the yellow phase we mentioned above, travel between most areas of the state is okay, and even travel to some areas outside the state will be acceptable as well.

Business Impact

Many businesses have been able to become more available after initially closing or limiting their services at the start of the outbreak. Restaurants have begun to open for dine-in service as long as they provide appropriate distance between patrons, for instance.

For hospitality and tourism businesses, openings have also begun with major precautions taken. Sanitation must be a top priority, and businesses are asked to maintain signage to remind groups to follow social distancing procedures.

Cruise Industry

And in various areas of the country, the cruise industry itself has begun to work toward a rebound of its own. Certain cruise lines have confirmed plans to relaunch starting June 20, for instance.

And while timelines differ across varying cruise lines and areas, the themes we discussed above in terms of businesses rebounding are evident here as well. The cruise industry has been hard at work on ways to make our trips safe and healthy for all passengers, including basic distancing and sanitation themes plus the potential for sailing at lower capacity to limit spread risk.

We’re happy to take advanced cruise reservations, and we’ll keep in touch with all our patrons to update you as things continue to move forward positively. For more on this or any of our beautiful family cruises or land tours, speak to the staff at Cruise Lady: Latter-day Adventures today.

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