“Learn Our Religion” Lecture Series

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“Learn Our Religion” Lecture Series


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Cruise Lady now offers an exciting lecture series with many of our popular, edifying, and entertaining headliners who travel with us and lecture on cruises and land tours all over the world! Our schedule is below with additional dates to be announced. These lectures will be held in our new Jordan Event Center located at 9112 S. Redwood Road, West Jordan, Utah (behind the Cruise Lady office).The lectures will be held from 7-9pm. Some headliners will have book signings after the lecture. Due to limited seating reservations are required. Please contact Cruise Lady at 801-453-9444 or 888-707-4386 to register.  For short video clips of some of the Learn Our Religion lectures click here. www.learnourreligion.com.

Cost:$5 per person per lecture OR  10 lectures for $40 per person

Reservations are required to attend all lectures. 

The personal comments regarding the headliners, their speaking styles, and/or their lecture topics are from Diane Larsen, President of Cruise Lady who has known and traveled with them for many years. She loves these amazing authors and/or lecturers and is confident that you will love them too!!

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Damon Bahr

November 28 (Wednesday), 2018 I Will Give Unto You My Law: Gathering to Kirtland and Revelations in the Newell K. Whitney Home
December 19 (Wednesday), 2018 May the Kingdom Go Forth: 30+ Revelations in the Isaac Morley and John Johnson Homes
January 23 (Wednesday), 2019 The Olive Leaf... Plucked From the Tree of Paradise: 22+ Revelations in the Newell K. Whitney Store and the Joseph and Emma Smith Home

Michael Ballam

November 27 (Tuesday), 2018 Celebrating Christmas

Steve Densley

November 15 (Thursday), 2018 The Ancient Temples of Egypt

Victor Ludlow

December 5 (Wednesday), 2108 Jesus Christ's Role as a God of Justice and Mercy

Jack Marshall

November 6 (Tuesday), 2019 Remarkable Prophecies of Latter-day Prophets and Their Fulfillment

Robert Millet

The Holy Spirit:The Mission of the Third Member of the Godhead
November 14 (Wednesday), 2018 The Revelator and Teacher, Part 1
January 30 (Wednesday), 2019 The Revelator and Teacher, Part 2
February 27 (Wednesday), 2019 The Sanctifier and Sealer
March 27 (Wednesday), 2019 The Comforter

S. Brett Savage

November 1 (Thursday), 2018 Part 2 "...relying wholly upon the merits of him who is mighty to save." (2 Ne 31:19)

Vickey Pahnke Taylor

November 8 (Thursday), 2018 The Blessings of Sorrowing

Brent Top

January 10 (Thursday), 2019 Making the Sabbath a Delight-Part 1
January 24 (Thursday), 2019 Making the Sabbath a Delight-Part 2
February 12 (Tuesday), 2019 Watch and Be Ready: Preparing for the Second Coming-Part 1
February 28 (Thursday), 2019 Watch and Be Ready: Preparing for the Second Coming-Part 2

Brad Wilcox

January 16 (Wednesday), 2019 For A Wise Purpose
March 6 (Wednesday), 2019 Living After the Manner of Happiness

Additional Lecturers


Terry Ball

TBA More to come

John Bytheway

TBA More to Come

Murat Cakir

April 2019 Exotic Turkey-The Other Holy Land & The Amazing Growth of the Church

Al Fox Carraway

TBA More to Come

Patrick Degn

TBA More to come

Kim Giles

TBA More to Come

Marvin Goldstein

TBA More to come

Tyler Griffin

TBA More to come

Taylor Halverson

TBA More to come

Steven Harper

TBA More to come

Eric Huntsman

TBA More to come

Curtis Jacobs

TBA More to come

Vanessa Joy

TBA More to come

Diane C. Larsen

"Favorite International Destinations of LDS Travelers" *These lectures are FREE
TBA More to Come

Boris Leostrin

TBA More to come

C. Robert Line

TBA More to come

John Lund

TBA More to Come

Michael McLean

TBA More to come

Kathy Headlee Miner

TBA More to Come

Kerry Muhlstein

TBA More to Come

Camille Fronk Olson

TBA More to Come

D. Kelly Ogden

TBA More to Come

Daniel Peterson

TBA More to Come

Tom Pettit

TBA More to come

Daniel Smith

TBA The High Priest Vestments and Other Sacred Ancient Replicas

Hank Smith

TBA More to Come

John (Jack) Welch

TBA More to come

Randal Wright

TBA More to come