November 4, 2021
HEADLINERS: Dave Hadlock

Dave began guiding tours about 18 years ago because of his love for teaching scripture. He and enjoys being around people and making new friends. If you are looking for enlightening insights into scripture, Dave is your guide. He has a unique approach to the scriptures. He began working in this industry by taking groups to Mesoamerica, having studied a lot of Mayan and Mesoamerican culture. After doing tours into Mesoamerica for five years, Dave opened Bountiful Travel and began taking groups to Israel as well. He takes several groups every year to Israel, having done more than 50 tours in Israel and many more in Central America. Dave studied at BYU for a master’s degree in Ancient Near Eastern Studies with an emphasis on the Old Testament and Biblical Hebrew. His passion is the study and teaching of the scriptures looking for insights based on their ancient cultural and linguistic contest. His style of teaching is straight from the scriptures, using them as his primary source. Dave is an easy-going, fun loving tour director.

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