May 21, 2018
HEADLINERS:Chris Heimerdinger

With nearly three million copies of his books sold, popular author, Chris Heimerdinger’s writing career began in 1989, upon the publication of his first book, Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites, a story inspired by a dream he had while serving an LDS mission in Tallahassee, Florida. This book was the beginning of the (so far) 12-part Tennis Shoes Adventure Series that has generated fans worldwide. The consistent message, found in each of Chris’ Tennis Shoes books, is to integrate themes from the Book of Mormon and Biblical scripture while entertaining audiences of all ages. Chris is currently working on the 13th, and perhaps final, novel in his Tennis Shoe Adventure Series to be called Thorns of Glory.

With 21 books in all, one of Chris’ novels, A Return to Christmas, was distributed by Random House/Ballantine, and received such national reviews as, “[A] jewel . . . closely follows the same path as the Christmas Box.” —-New York Post. And, “An unforgettable story of family love wrapped in a warm Christmas glow.” — Abilene Reporter-News (

In 2008 Chris produced and directed a feature length motion picture, Passage to Zarahemla, based on his novel of the same name. This was the first ever action-adventure movie celebrating the Book of Mormon. He also produced a 9-song music album for this film called “Whispered Visions.”

Chris currently resides in Cache Valley, Utah. He has strong opinions about faith-based storytelling and says, “Honest storytelling asks honest questions and can sometimes become the vehicle for discovering deeper understandings of truth for the author and his/her reader. It should be an adventure of discovery, an inspiration and an opportunity for both. However, the author can never take full (or any) credit for that, as all ‘truth’ is bestowed upon an artist by the everlasting grace of God.”