May 22, 2018

International singer Vanessa Joy had the distinct honor of singing for the USO at the Wounded Warriors Center in Ramstein, Germany. She also sang for the US Ambassador in Cairo, Egypt. She soloed with “Ensemble Vocale and Orchestra” in Nesselwang, Germany in St. Andres Catholic Cathedral and was the featured soloist with the “Concierto de Navidad” in Santiago Concepcion, Chile. Vanessa was only 13 when she starred in her first Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta. Vanessa went on to receive a scholarship and graduated with a degree in Music from Brigham Young University. She is in her sixth year as a guest faculty presenter at BYU Education Week. She has won several awards and competitions including the National Federation of Music Festival. Vanessa Joy has released 4 solo albums to her credit in various genres.