January 28, 2019

Cruise Lady is excited to offer a fun and relaxing opportunity to learn from many top LDS scholars and in-demand speakers. Normally we only have a chance to hear from 1 or 2 speakers as they come with us on our trips. For this cruise, we will have the opportunity to watch several different headliners as they expound on a variety of subjects in their field of expertise. For a preview of the type of fantastic lectures we will enjoy, check out our website at LearnOurReligion.com.

One thought on “Learn Our Religion Lecture Series

  1. Stacie Palmer
    February 1, 2019

    Please reserve 2 seats for the Learn Our Religion, Feb 8, with Helaman Petlacalco speaking.
    The seats are for Craig Palmer and Stacie Palmer.
    Thanks so much!

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