Picking Your Next Destination with Cruise Lady

August 16, 2016
Travel Planning

Cruise Lady has a wide selection of destinations that include both cruises and land tours. When you are ready for another vacation, you need to decide which destination is next. How can you choose from all of the great places offered?

Think about the Climate

You may be able to choose from destinations all over the world, such as Israel, Alaska, the Mexican Riveria, Russia, and Egypt. With so many choices, it isn’t surprising that there will be different weather. Do you want to go on a tropical vacation? Something in the Caribbean, Panama Canal, or Australia may be a good choice. Maybe you want something a little cooler. If so, you should consider going to the British Isles or Canada.

Consider the Sites

Once you know what kind of climate you are looking for, you have to decide what kind of sites you want to be able to see. If you choose to go on a Mediterranean cruise, you may be able to see Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain, France, Montenegro, Croatia, and other countries in this area and all of the historical sites offered there. If you choose to go on a Russian Baltic cruise, you may be able to see parts of Germany, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark.

Focus on the Speakers

Perhaps the sites aren’t as important to you as the speakers you are traveling with. Check out the site to find out which speakers are available and the cruises and land tours they will be going on.

Know Your Timeframe

Finally, you have to think about your schedule. Do you have two weeks or five days to spend on vacation? Can you go anytime or is there a certain timeframe you have available? Once you know when you can go, you may have an easier time picking a cruise or land tour that is available.

Contact Cruise Lady for More Information

If you still need help choosing which cruise destination or land tour to see next, contact Cruise Lady for help. The staff will be able to help you learn more about the destinations and speakers available.

One thought on “Picking Your Next Destination with Cruise Lady

  1. Celeste Braun
    August 1, 2021

    I am interested in attending the Passion Play in Oberammergau but am less interested in the castles part of the tour. I would like to see more of the Nazi Concentration Camps combined with the play.

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