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Preparation Tips for Rare Cruise Ship Problems, Part 2

April 9, 2019

In part one of this two-part blog, we went over some of the rare issues that may take place near the beginning of a cruise vacation experience and how to deal with them. Areas like lost or misplaced luggage, onboard credits and shipboard cards are all those we covered.

At Cruise Lady, we’re here to make sure your LDS vacation goes off without a hitch, whether it’s an Israel trip, a Jordan cruise or any of our other locations worldwide. In today’s blog, we’ll examine a few occasional issues that may crop up during the middle or later stages of the cruise, plus some basic precautions or steps you can take to either prevent these or handle them easily if they do appear.

Navigation Issues

Many cruise ships can be large, with several major areas and plenty of nooks and crannies to attempt to navigate. In some cases, those who are on their first cruise may struggle with figuring out exactly where they are – this is particularly common for children or older adults who may struggle with coordination.

In these cases, the simplest solution is always to ask a crew member. If you’re bringing children on the cruise, take time at the start to identify the uniforms staff members wear and explain what their role is. If you can’t find a staff member and are in view of the water, you can often gain some perspective by simply noting which way the ship is moving, helping you figure out front and back.

Decks Closed

In some cases, often due to heavy winds or other weather conditions, the outside decks might be partially or fully closed on your ship for periods of time. If this is the case but you were desperately hoping to get a good view of a particular area, search for exterior windows inside the ship to get this view.

Missing Meals

Many cruise ships come with buffets and dining rooms that have dedicated hours, and it’s possible you could miss this time range for some reason or another. In this case, first check if the cruise offers room service or anything similar. If not, find out if the cruise ship has any 24-hour food options – most will at least have snacking options that can tide you over until the next meal.

Forgetting Items

If you find yourself out at sea and notice you’ve forgotten important items, first check to see if they might be offered by the cruise ship. Toiletries and other simple items are often available, for instance, and there’s usually a gift shop where you can buy basic items. If this doesn’t solve your issue, you may have to wait until your next port-of-call to replace what you forgot.

For more on handling minor issues that may crop up during a cruise, or to learn about any of our LDS cruise vacations, speak to the staff at Cruise Lady today.

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