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Preparing for the First Day of a Cruise

January 17, 2019

If you’re like many of our clients at Cruise Lady, you can’t wait to set sail and get started on your wonderful family LDS vacation cruise. We have affordable LDS cruises around the globe, from Hawaii to the Mediterranean and numerous other areas.

If you’re simply buzzing with excitement about that first cruise day, let us help you channel that into some productive preparedness themes. The first day of a cruise is an important one for getting your bearings and settling yourself, plus a few other vital cruise-mandated elements you’ll need to be prepared for. Here’s a guide to being ready for the first day of a cruise.

Board Early

Whether or not the ship is on schedule, you should be looking to arrive and board early if at all possible. This is for several reasons, but the primary one might surprise you: Food.

In most cases, boarding of the ship itself will be available before the actual cabins are ready for individual passengers. This is because stewards are still cleaning and arranging the space. This means that the only areas available during this time will generally be food areas – which in turn means everyone will crowd to these spots. The earlier you board, the less crowded your buffet line will be and the quicker you’ll be available to enter your room once it’s available.

Luggage Arrival and Unpacking

Once your cabin is available, drop off your carry-on bags and any items you’ve picked up since boarding. There’s no real need to stay in the cabin at this point except to check for the arrival of your luggage every now and then – luggage will usually come close to sailing time or just afterward, though it’s possible it will arrive earlier also.

If you’re lucky enough to get your luggage quickly, you can unpack it and enjoy the sailing right away. If not, just come back periodically to see when it arrives.

Safety Drill

Before the ship sails, you and all other passengers will be involved in what’s called a muster station safety drill. This is a vital test that prepares you in case of an emergency on board at any point in the cruise. Some basic areas to consider here:

  • On many ships, there will be no photography, videos, food, drink, or cell phone usage allowed during the safety test.
  • Do not attempt to hide or stay away from the test – stewards will check every room and area of the ship. If you hold things up, not only do you risk discipline, you hold up proceedings for everyone else on board and could be quickly disliked as a result.
  • If you break the rules of your safety drill or attempt to skip it, you could be kicked off the ship without a refund, along with your cabin-mates. This test is important and you should treat it as such.

Special Questions

If you have special questions or requests, spend some time early on after boarding looking for your stateroom steward or stewardess. This is the person you can make such requests to.

For more on preparing for the first day of a cruise, or to learn more about any of our LDS vacations, speak to the pros at Cruise Lady today.

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