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Proper Decorum Surrounding Cruise Ship Staterooms

May 10, 2019

There are a few areas that are referred to differently on a cruise ship than they would be on land, and a good example here is the stateroom. This is an area we’d normally call a hotel room or suite on land, but while at sea on a cruise, stateroom is the proper term.

At Cruise Lady, we’re happy to go over any details or questions you may have regarding your stateroom for any of our LDS cruises, from our Panama Canal cruise to an Israel trip or many other locations around the world. The stateroom is your home base for the cruise, a central area that will impact several areas of your experience. Here are some basic tips and themes in a few important cruise stateroom areas.

Basic Stateroom Themes and Tips

  • Staff: Take time early in the trip to identify stateroom staff, including stewards or stewardesses who will assist you throughout the trip. If possible try to get details on when rooms will be cleaned, how to contact staff, and other important information.
  • Safe and valuables: Many staterooms will have a safe that allows you to program a combination in. Always use a combination that you can remember but can’t be easily guessed, and be sure to leave any valuables in this location.
  • Locks: Lock and bolt your stateroom when you aren’t in it. Do not open the door for strangers – you can use a peephole to see who is at the door.
  • Towels and services: Return towels and other temporary materials to your stateroom by the designated times, or risk being billed for them.
  • Other guests: Remember that there are other guests in their own staterooms nearby, and walls may be thin. Keep your noise level and general activity level reasonable with this in mind.

Stateroom Bathrooms

  • Temperature: Test water temperature before using it, just to be sure it’s safe.
  • Toilet: Like any home toilet, do not flush anything besides waste or approved toilet paper down a cruise ship toilet. In addition, hold onto your valuables and ensure they are not flushed accidentally.
  • Caution: Be careful of slipping or any other stateroom bathroom risks.
  • Towels: Like many standard hotels, used towels should be left on the floor and unused towels should be left on the rack.

Stateroom Balcony Considerations

Some cruise staterooms will have balconies, while others will not. Some general tips here:

  • Safety: Safety is the primary concern with any cruise ship balcony, particularly if you have children. In these cases, never leave kids alone in the stateroom where they could abuse the balcony space.
  • Hours: Based on weather, light or other factors, your ship may have hours where balcony activities are restricted. Find out about this in advance.

For more on your cruise ship stateroom, or to learn about any of our LDS vacations, speak to the staff at Cruise Lady today.

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