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Todd & Nadene

Orangeville, UT

We just wanted to say thanks again for a wonderful trip to the Holy Land! We appreciate all of the work you guys gave to prepare & organize beforehand and for the time and effort you gave while we were traveling as well. We were on the go so much while in Israel that we felt like we were on information overload most of the time, Lol! Since we have been home and have been able to relive all of our experiences through pictures and the help of the book you gave us, it has been such a great experience. What you said about the emotion of the trip coming to us when we were home again certainly has happened for us. As we have read scriptures, heard lessons, looked at pictures and even heard songs our spirits have been touched. Thanks so much!!

Al & Linda

Wellsville, UT

We just want to let you know what a wonderful cruise you provided for us going to Alaska. What you have done in providing cruises for LDS people is a wonderful thing and we truly appreciated our experience. Loved getting to know you, the people in our group, and hearing John Bytheway. He's always been a personal favorite. We are really impressed with all you, Larry and your staff do to make it possible for the rest of us to enjoy our time together.

Mike & Bonnie

Eagle River, AK

We just returned from the Israel tour with Kelly Ogden and Rami.  There is no way to express our gratitude for our wonderful experience.  Everything was better than we anticipated.  The spiritual growth cannot be calculated and will continue as time goes by. The organization of the whole tour was fantastic.  The items sent to prepare us were very helpful.   We brought all we needed because of your advanced information.  The itinerary kept us busy every minute so no time was wasted in the Holy Land.  We went from one place to another with no wasted time….in fact we were exhausted all the time….with the best possible experiences.  The sites we visited were integral to our knowledge of the New Testament.  The hotels  were excellent with amazing food. Brother Ogden was so knowledgeable.  We could not have asked for a better tutor.  He continued to be so kind and patient as he lectured, explained, and answered questions.   No headliner could have made this trip better.  And we loved Rami too.  I don’t know who found him or how, but he was better than we could have imagined. We understand that this was a very small group and I’m not sure Cruise Lady made any money on us at all.  In fact, it probably cost you money to take us. So how do we thank you for experiences that will affect us forever? This was our third experience traveling with Cruise Lady and you can bet your life we will do it again. Thank you, Mike and Bonnie

Bob & RaeAnn

Arden, NC

Thank You very much for the efforts all of you went to so that this cruise was a special event in our lives.  We thought it was great to get well acquainted with folks we probably would never have met otherwise. The cruise was a fun time. We appreciated having some time to ourselves as well as time together. The tours off the big ship were exceptional. We did enjoy them. We were glad to get a chance to go through the locks at the Panama canal and to go to a Sacrament meeting conducted in Spanish

Kristin, Sean, Nathan, Ryan & Emily

Abingdon, VA

How can we begin to thank you for a perfect trip?! We loved everything about our trip with you, and Bro. Ogden. Since I had to wait for almost 29 years to return to Israel, I was so hopeful that I would pick just the right tour group and the right tour guides. I did just that! We especially appreciate you finding a young group for our teenagers. Mostly, we appreciate the thoughtful and caring way you took care of all of us.


St. George, UT

Please let Diane and Larry know that the Pictures (CD's) are WONDERFUL! I have only looked at part of them so far but I am SO VERY happy with each and every picture. I am reliving the whole trip again! I keep telling everyone about the trip and what a wonderful group we were able to be with. Diane and Larry are really Amazing - great tour leaders and great tour recorders! Thank you so very much.


Kent, WA

John will make the Book of Mormon come alive for you. He knows little known facts that truly touch your heart as he tells of the people that lived the stories from within the pages of the Book of Mormon. The book tells you the history, John tells you of the people behind the history. Make sure you attend the onboard talks. They are entertaining, insightful and just plain funny. John inspires me to become a better wife and mother. Of course his best example is hi wife, Bonnie. You can't help laugh as she quietly keeps John on track. If you have no other reason to go on a Book of Mormon cruise, go because of what John brings to your life.


Fruit Heights, UT

BTW thanks for a remarkable tour of Israel with Daniel Peterson and Diane Larsen. It exceeded our expectations in every area and it was obvious you and the Cruise Lady staff are very experienced in planning tours. Deanne and I can't think of anything that could have made the tour better. You balanced the time pressures of a bus tour schedule with the desires to immerse yourself in a site as well as could be done considering the number of sites that were on the agenda. Deanne and I feel our money was well spent and we will want to participate with you on other tours over the next few years.


Arecibo, PR

We are in NYC and can tell you this whole trip, from Jordan to Israel to Egypt, has been the best trip ever! Lyvia has signed up to go wherever we go with you. So we will study your schedule and see how it fit with ours.

Gary & Sue

Mesa, AZ

FANTASTIC! EXQUISITE! INSPIRING! GLORIOUS! The meaning of these beautiful words reflect our experience with Cruise Lady during the Mesoamerica Cruise. We send out love and appreciation for a job well done. Sue and I, who have traveled most of our adult lives, understand the time, effort and sacrifices each of you made to make our holiday one to always remember and cherish. Our total experience will be long remembered and has strengthened our testimonies and understanding of the Book of Mormon bringing it to life. We are more humble, softened and committed to becoming even more diligent in our beliefs and mission in mortality. Sue and I recommend Cruise Lady to anyone who desires an experience of a lifetime. We will see you again soon on another travel expedition.

Dean & Marjorie

Pacifica, CA

I just had to drop you a note to say thank you for all the hard work and the effort you put into these magnificent cruises. To have traveled with Lund's & Ballam's and all of your cruise people hoppin & jumpin to make all turn out right. WOW is about all we can say. Hope to cruise with you again.

John & Anne

Boise, ID

Diane and the Cruise Lady team, (Larry, Chuck and Devon)Thank you for organizing and hosting one sensational week - the Book of Mormon cruise w/ John Lund and Michael Ballam! It was beyond compare, and will go down as one of our most favorite trips ever. The combination of John and Michael, the itinerary, excursions, meetings, performances, your staff and all the group members, and your sensational organizational & creative skills and high energy were outstanding! It was worth every penny and more. love the DVD touch too! And thank you so much for inviting John to sing "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" for everyone. What a treat to sing before Michael Ballam! What Memories!

Ken & Donna - Chris & Verna

Gilbert, AZ

Our time with Cruise Lady in the Holy Land far exceeded our expectations!  Everything on the tour went so smoothly. We know that is from the excellent planning and preparing of your office and years of experience doing this.  It was a bonus to see and be with Larry and Diane, again.  We will always remember the Spirit we felt in the Holy Land.  When ever we read our scriptures, particularly the Bible we will have the memory of being there or near the area the Savior was.  Each time we partake of the Sacrament we will remember the feelings we had in the home of Caiaphas (in the dungeon where our Savior was beaten and left alone), the Garden of Gethsemane and at the Garden Tomb.  When we walk the halls of our temples and view the surrounding paintings of our Savior, we instantly are taken back to  walking the streets of Jerusalem, the shores of the Galilee and the Sermon on the Mount, etc. It has strengthened our testimonies and renewed our lives! All in all it was a trip of a life time for us, never to be forgotten!  Thank you, for making it a memorable one with all your time, planning, organizing, love, etc.!


Port Ludlow, WA

We had the most marvelous trip to the Holy Land with Daniel and Debbie Peterson, Brad and Debi Wilcox, and Larry and Diane Larsen. What a joy! I watched the wonderful video today and wept as the Spirit once again filled my soul with thoughts of our Savior and the places he walked, lived, taught, preached, healed, cleansed, forgave, labored, loved, suffered, gave His life and was resurrected. Thank you, thank you for such wonderful memories.

Candy, Mike, & Julie

Redding, CA

Dear Cruise Lady Diane, Larry & Chuck, I can't tell you what a wonderful time we had on your John Bytheway Cruise.It was the travel highlight of our lives. Our daughter Julie, cannot quit taking about it. Your attention to detail was great, and I don't know how you do it. You will have a special place in heaven. Chuck was fantastic. You guided us through the process with ease and every time we called, you had all the answers. Thanks again.....

Frank & Sandy

Bremerton, WA

Just a note of appreciation . . . Please add our names to your list of satisfied and grateful patrons.

Bruce & Pam

Centennial, CO

Yours was the BEST cruise we ever went on! We have told everyone we know too! Your loyal cruisers forever.

Bill & Christena

Salt Lake City, UT

A Warm "THANK YOU" for the incredible time spent with you and our new Friends in the BRITISH ISLES! We so enjoyed and learned so much from DAN PETERSON and all that we saw and did as a group and otherwise! Until next time,


Suffolk, VA

I wanted to let you know how wonderful our Book of Mormon Comes Alive in Mesoamerica tour was with Dr. John Lund!  Dr. Lund is so incredibly knowledgeable and entertaining!  Dr. Lund both kept us both captivated and excited.  The sites came alive for us!  My brother went to Tulum earlier in the summer and didn't go with such a reputable tour group and it was simply an interesting bunch of ruins to him.  For me, I came back to the ship wanting to re-read the Book of Mormon before Christmas as a gift to the Savior! (39 days)  The other LDS travelers were WONDERFUL!  The spirit was so strong and being with these great people strengthened my resolve and testimony!  Sister Lund was so organized and kept us so informed and on schedule, I don't know how things would have  gone so smoothly without her!  She is a joy!  I felt my testimony grow with this experience! I am grateful, so grateful to  Cruise Lady for introducing me to the incredible Lunds and my new brothers and Sisters from all over!  What an awesome experience!


Spanish Fork, UT

To Diane and Larry and the staff at Cruise Lady. Sue and I thoroughly enjoyed the Baltic Cruise. Our first ever. We will definitely be repeat customers and friends. One of the best times of our lives. Thanks Diane and Larry for making unforgettable memories for us. And the opportunity to make a host of new friends.

Gary & Marce

Gilbert, AZ

I hope you both got back safely after all of your time away as you cruised the oceans of Europe.  Sounds pretty exotic, but I am sure not as enjoyable as it is for us to cruise with you.  Thank you for an incredible time.  My first cruise and I loved it.  I can’t imagine going on one without the Cruiselady.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great time we enjoyed and your kindness.  We loved the cruise, the people and both of you.  We will see you again on another wonderful experience.

Robert & Helen

Salt Lake City, UT

Dear greatest and most fun cruise directors of all time! Bob and I want to thank you for a most delightful, educational, inspirational, and yes, exhausting (at times) cruise we have taken! We have just finished looking at the DVD and the CD of our Baltic/Russia cruise and we marvel how you even survive after putting such a professional presentation together, much less "herding" all of us 'cats' through all the ports of call! Just want to say THANKS for your service and for your friendship.

Bryan, Karen, Jake & Mary

Bothell, WA

What a great time our family had on the cruise with John Bytheway! We appreciate your planning and arranging everything from the tours to the places we eat. It was so helpful not to worry about going to the wrong place or eating in a risky restaurant. Going with a group was the best decision we made. Our teenagers were concerned about having things to do with others their age and they were so happy and had a great time. They made life-long friendships on this cruise. As did we.

Elmo & Patricia

Montgomery, TX

Patricia and I want to thank you both for all you did to make our Holy Land Tour a trip of a lifetime.  It was most informative and very inspirational.  We appreciate your handling of all the many details and especially when the political and cultural climate threw you some curves. You did a great job and we appreciate it.

Bruce & Margaret

Blanding, UT

We enjoyed our cruise to Alaska with you. Now we are thinking that we need to go again. We are overflowing with memories that you helped to create.

Robert, Darla, Chelsey, & Jason

Layton, UT

Thank you for a superb trip to Israel. Don't know how you do it for such a great price. Hope to  cruise with you again for many years to come.

Don & Cheryl

Cumming, GA

It was outstanding and very informative for me! As is the norm -- the Cruise Lady Team, the Larsen's, the Millet's, our native guides -- were wonderful and added very much to our family time together in Jordan and the Holy Land!!  Thank you for ALL your efforts!! Looking forward to the next Cruise Lady "Venture"...hopefully soon.