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Time to Book Your LDS Trip with Cruise Lady!

After a year of being trapped in our homes, we finally have the go-ahead to schedule those fun-filled LDS trips. At last you can breathe, stretch your legs and prepare for a voyage of adventure and spiritual discovery, while enjoying world-class musicians and lecturers. Cruise Lady Latter-day Adventures, the gold standard in LDS travel, will set it up with first-class luxury and comfort.

A Mormon cruise or Mormon vacation to exotic places like the Mexican Riviera, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Antarctica, the Baltics, New Zealand/Australia, Germany and the Holy Land can enrich your spirit, lift your soul and create lifelong memories for your whole family. Our domestic LDS trips will allow you to retrace the footsteps of our American ancestors, in restored settlements from New York to Utah.

Not only will you be awed by beautiful sites like rustic mountain cabins, Mayan and Roman ruins, ancient temples and breathtaking natural scenery, you and your loved ones will explore the foundations of our religion.

Faith education is at the center of all our tours, by land or by sea. Renowned religious scholars will guide you through the scriptures as you visit the actual sites, from Shepherd’s Field in Bethlehem in our LDS Israel Tour, to Joseph Smith’s home in Nauvoo on our Sacred Church History tour. Your family will return home refreshed, with a renewed commitment to our guiding principles.

LDS Trip to the Holy Land

Our LDS Israel vacations are popular. Given the past year, we all could use a journey to the source of our faith. The Israel/Jordan trip in June 2021, with headliner Roberto Massis, will begin in a four-story hotel in Amman, Jordan.The next morning will take us to the ancient city of Jerash, home of chariot races and site of 12th-century frescoes. A converted Bedouin village will be our exotic night dwelling, where we will rest up before a morning exploration of Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

For a more comprehensive tour in November, join us for LDS travel through the Old and New Testament on the Holy Land Tour, with Judaic scholar Victor Ludlow, PhD. The 10-day trip will begin in Caesarea and Mt. Carmel, with the stories of Paul and the prophet Elijah, then take you through the life of Christ from Bethlehem to Nazareth, culminating with the Garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem.

Cruise Lady’s LDS Israel vacations are designed to strengthen the faith of Mormons through education and adventure.

Be an Explorer!

Our Christian heritage began in the Holy Land and spread to the corners of the Earth, and that’s why LDS tours go all over. We have cruises to Antarctica, the British Isles, the Middle East, Europe, North and South America. Adventures include the stone castles and cliffs of Scotland — sightings of “Nessie” aren’t guaranteed! — and Norwegian fjords; Roman temples, Turkish bazaars and Byzantine churches of the Mediterranean; the Sistine Chapel, the statue of David, St. Peter’s Square, and Mt. Vesuvius; the Charlottenburg Palace and Berlin Wall Memorial; and the Eiffel Tower and Royal Mile. And these are only the highlights; you will stroll along quaint cobblestone lanes, enjoy dinner with local families, savor fine cuisine and peruse markets for folk art, jewelry and souvenirs.

Our culturally enriching LDS trips are hosted by scholars such as Brent Topp, PhD, John Lund and Patrick Degn, who have deep roots in world history and ties to the Church of Latter-Day Saints. Check the schedule for England, Scotland, Norway and Iceland; The Ultimate European Experience; and Delightful Caribbean & Ruins, Too Cruises.

Discover Your LDS Roots

If you want to have fun while finding out more about the Church of Latter-Day Saints, our Sacred Church History tours are for you. Casey Griffiths, Robert Millet, PhD, and Randal Wright, PhD, each host a land tour package that includes an optional visit to Niagara Falls and a ride on the Maid of the Mist!

The 10-day journey will crisscross the country moving east in the footsteps of our ancestors from upstate New York and the Smith Family Farm to the Pete Whitmer Farm in Pennsylvania, to where it all began, in Kirtland, Ohio: the sacred temple where the Celestial Kingdom was first seen.

The western leg of the LDS tour will launch from Kansas City, Missouri, and connect with the spiritual path of our Mormon settlers. The first stop will be the Liberty Jail in Independence, the place of the Prophet’s revelations. From there we will move on through the Valley of Adam-ondi-Ahman and explore several sites before arriving at the Nauvoo Temple.

We are booking now for Sacred Church History trips in July and October 2022.

Luxury Accommodations for Cruise Lady Guests

Plan now for your Mormon travel, whether it’s for a long-deserved family vacation, postponed honeymoon, retirement adventure, reunion, church outing or a solo spiritual quest. Our friendly and dedicated staff pooled their 20-plus years of experience to find locations that are unique and colloquial, from Bedouin tents to the homes of Russian families.

All our featured hotels and restaurants are world class, so you have a luxurious place to rest after your exciting daytime excursions. We provide the best in entertainment, with classically trained musicians like pianist Marvin Goldstein and inspiring motivational speakers like Ganel-Lyn Condie. Our renowned lecturers will teach aspects of the Church of Latter-Day Saints you may not find elsewhere.

And Cruise Lady Latter-Day Adventures always puts fun into the mix. We have opportunities for ziplining; camel, chariot and horseback riding; hiking; climbing; excursions to local sightseeing; and ample freetime to explore.

Our packages are short and sweet, starting at $599, or comprehensive, lasting 10 days. What a wonderful way to celebrate your newfound freedom!

Book today at Cruise Lady Latter-day Adventures, escorted cruises and land tours.

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