Tips for a Healthy Cruise

June 4, 2018

If you’re interested in LDS travel tours, the experts at Cruise Lady are here to help. We have numerous cruises to around the globe available, all for affordable rates for you and the family.

One common concern we get from some first-timers? Health on the cruise. It’s true that a cruise means interacting with a lot of new people, which does slightly increase the risk of picking something up. However, the right basic precautions will leave you in great shape here and at very low additional risk. Here are some areas to consider.

While Boarding

If your ship has one (most do), make sure you fill out a health questionnaire during boarding or embarkation. Be as honest as you can on this form – lies could put either you or others on the ship at serious risk.

These questionnaires will vary by ship, but they’re generally to determine if you or anyone else on the ship provides a safety risk to other passengers. Some lines will include medical screening from a professional depending on your answers.

While On Board

  • Hand-washing: Wash your hands often, including before eating or drinking, after using the restroom, and after touching public surfaces. Most lines also provide hand sanitizer, which is good when a sink isn’t available.
  • Report unsanitary behavior: Passengers may break health regulations – these are in place for a reason. You aren’t a tattle-tale for reporting these people; rather, you’re helping promote the health of everyone on board.
  • Infirmary: If you feel sick, visit or call the ship’s infirmary right away. They can determine if you have anything that might spread and prescribe medication.
  • Health regulations: Comply with all health regulations on board, particularly if any kind of illness outbreak takes place (these are rare, but the regulations are in place for just these kinds of infrequent events).
  • Stay active: Take advantage of any activity areas aboard the ship. Staying regularly active can ward off certain basic illnesses.
  • Don’t over-eat: Cruise lines offer huge amounts of food in some cases, but stay disciplined. Over-eating can lead to vomiting or other forms of sickness.

For more on staying healthy on a cruise, or to learn about any of our LDS tours, speak to the staff at Cruise Lady today.

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