Tips on Cruise Ship Internet Access

January 2, 2018

For many people in a cruise situation, remaining connected to the world through the internet is an important consideration. Most modern cruise ships are outfitted with internet capabilities, but there are a few things you should keep in mind here.

At Cruise Lady, our LDS cruises come with a variety of options here. Here are a few tips about getting internet access while on a cruise.

Cell Phone Providers

Unless you speak to your cell phone provider in advance and get assurances about your plan, you should never try to get internet on your phone during a cruise. Providers will almost certainly charge you for data and exorbitant roaming rates, which you’re likely to run into out on the open sea. The same usage that may cost you a few cents at home might cost you hundreds of dollars on a cruise ship. Be very confident in the kinds of coverage you have before you try to get internet on your phone.

Buying Packages

In most cruise situations, you’ll be paying for an internet package on the ship if you want to use it. If this is your plan, be very diligent on the first day of the cruise – this is most commonly when special deals are offered. There might be multiple plans available, so compare them closely and figure out which fits your needs. If you can’t find any information here, ask a crew member.

Don’t Waste Time

Make sure you’re using the minutes you buy wisely. Limit your usage to only essential websites, and avoid random surfing. Make sure you log out of all devices and connections when finished – your minutes will keep running if you don’t, and you could be charged a heavy fee for this on your final bill.

For more on smart internet usage on a cruise, or to find out about any of our LDS cruise options, speak to the pros at Cruise Lady today.

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